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2a shows the simulation model of single-disc electrospinning, and the obtained electric field profile was showed in Fig.
The study titled, "Electric Fields Elicit Ballooning in Spiders," was published July 4 in the journal ( Current Biology.
For the steady state, the electric field strength in the layers is proportional to the conductivity
where [r.sub.p] is the particle radius, [[epsilon].sub.m] is the permittivity of the suspending medium, [nabla] is the Del vector (gradient) operator, E is the electric field incorporating additional fields due to particle interactions, and Re [K(w)] is the real part of the Clausius-Mossotti factor, which is given by
Secondly, the configuration of high-voltage electrodes was multiple needles-to-plate, multiple wires-to-plate, or multiple plate-to-plate electrodes, respectively, under AC electric field. The corresponding discharge gap between the high-voltage electrodes and the grounded electrode was 100 mm.
The treatment effectiveness depends on the capacity of the system to produce a local electric field high enough to open pores around the entire tumor [8-10, 12].
Caption: Figure 2: (a) Schematic diagram of the transmitted electric field as a function of the incident electric field for different Fermi energies [E.sub.F] of the graphene.
Second, if the stub position is symmetrical with respect to the square-ring antenna, in modes 1 and 5, modes 2 and 6, and modes 3 and 4, the electric field distribution is also symmetrical at two resonant frequencies.
Damaged tissues generate weak electric fields, and their research has shown how these electric fields can attract cells into wounds to heal them.
The strains were grown in tryptose broth before they were treated with either high pressure or pulsed electric fields. Inactivation of the two strains was determined in pure and mixed cultures.
In order to obtain the final transmission electric field [E.sub.T] (t), a numerical convolution is chosen to manipulate (16) by MATLAB software; meanwhile the high order terms in (15) are ignored for simplification.

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