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Summer Infant has initiated a campaign to provide new on-product labels for electric cords and instructions to consumers with the recalled video monitors distributed between January 2003 and February 2011.
Tuck away phone and electric cords in halls and pathways but not under carpets.
They are introducing battery-powered chainsaws that eliminate the drawback of electric chainsaws, such as limited reach of electric cords.
The stars appear as patterns of shadow and light cast on a wall by perforated black paper on overhead projectors rigged from the ceiling; a river-polished stone and a smooth lump of plaster are twins; trees and two-by-fours, air and fans, fire and electric cords, water and water bottles, are synonymous.
Had we not been able to save the cord we have several electric cords salvaged from stock tank heaters that have gone bad over the years.
Raymond Eve first became interested in alternative ways of thinking about science when he read about a Chicago woman who ties knots in her electric cords to reduce her monthly utility bill.
Don't trap electric cords against walls where heat can
Show them the proper way to plug and unplug electric cords.
Only a fan, an air duct, electric cords, and the dark-colored band at the bottom of the wall stand out from the creamy background, leaving the canvas mostly achromatic and desolate.
Many fires can be traced to misuse of electric cords, such as overloading circuits.
Last night the ISPCA warned pet owners of the hazards facing their favourite pooches including electric cords from festive lights, small decorations that resemble treats, artificial snow - and party-goers offering them booze
He hoped to reach shoppers who want their kitchen counters free of electric cords.