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, electrical [Gr. elektron, amber]
Pert. to, caused by, or resembling electricity.


generating or powered by electricity. See also electrical.

electric clippers

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Q. Is electric shock efficient for ocd? Is it dangerous? My husband has OCD for 15 years now. He was also diagnosed with mania-depressia. He takes so many medications and nothing really helps. We were offered to try electric shock and I'm scared. Is it dangerous? What are the chances of this method to work for him?

A. Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is indeed considered effective for OCD, although it's not the first line of treatment. It does have its risks, including memory loss, disorientation and sort of confusion. There is also a change in the activity of the heart but it's rarely significant.

Generally it can be said that it's not an absolutely safe treatment, but it may help, especially if other drugs don't help.

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Q. Which type of toothbrush is the best? Electric or regular?

A. i think that is the most ancient debate of them all ? longer then mankind itself ?. Some people say that, other say this- but the truth is it doesn’t matter. It’s how you use the toothbrush that counts. If used properly even the simplest toothbrush can be satisfying.


A. is this the only symptom? if there are more- i recommend (the second time today!) this site:

you can make a list of the symptoms you have and it'll give you the optional diseases/syndromes

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There was the first electric light, and the first grain-binder, and the musical telegraph of Elisha Gray, and the marvellous exhibit of printing telegraphs shown by the Western Union Company.
It is the greatest marvel hitherto achieved by the electric telegraph.
His secret died with him, though it is now known that the French Government managed to get access to him and offered him a billion francs for his invention wherewith he was able to direct and closely to confine electric discharges.
Let them," said Raffles, and brandished his electric torch, our only light as yet.
Curtailment that can be implemented at times of constrained electric capacity
Options: Vertical clamp or convertible (horizontal/vertical) clamp; electric drive for plastication.
The brown ghost knifefish (Apteronotus leptorhynchus) generates a weak electric field that it uses to detect obstacles and to communicate with other knifefish.
The electric system, however, is driven directly by its power source.
Prompted by General Motors' termination of its money-losing electric car program, he is preparing to trade in his GM-made EV1 car for a newer set of electric wheels.
The wheels are in motion for the deregulation of the electric utility industry in the U.
That's because electric cars run on batteries instead of gasoline, a fossil fuel (see graph, opposite page).
Ford has leased Ecostars to electric utilities like Edison around the country, partly to unveil them to curious drivers like me.