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THE INDIAN EXPERIENCEThe final model is that of building, as envisaged by McKinsey, more efficient models of planned elective care.
Today's recommendations come a year after the The Elective Care Plan - Transformation and Reform of Elective Care Services was published.
As part of the Ministry of Healths overall plan to redevelop the Outram Campus including the Singapore General Hospital (SGH), the new terminal will replace the existing New Bridge Road Bus Terminal, to facilitate the development of the new SGH Elective Care Centre that will add beds and other clinical facilities.
A meeting of the National Emergency Pressures Panel heard that "pressures on the NHS have eased in January compared to December" so hospitals should be able to start planning a return to a full elective care programme, from the start of February.
In a drastic step to try to free up hospital staff and beds, NHS England also said the deferral of non-urgent inpatient elective care should be extended until January 31.
In a drastic step to try to free up hospital staff and beds, NHS England had also said that the deferral of non-urgent elective care - such as hip or knee replacements - should be extended until at least the end of the month.
7-11] It frees other units to concentrate on elective care, provides an alternative career path to trauma surgeons in developed-world settings, and potentially allows for planning of the optimal use of resources.
Writing in a blog, James Thompson, a senior research analyst at the think tank, pointed out some good news, stating that, "though the access standards were not achieved, more than 400,000 more patients received elective care within 18 weeks (from referral) and almost 6,000 more patients received treatment for cancer within 62 days in 2016/17 compared to 2015/16.
Dr Eliot Sykes, business unit director for emergency surgery and elective care at the trust, said: "This isolated incident was totally unacceptable and we quickly moved to rectify the situation.
The physicians at the Orthopedic Institute of Pennsylvania will be providing emergency and elective care at the following sites:
Other recent development at the hospital has seen a new Elective Care Centre, physiotherapy department, diabetes centre, therapies centre and refurbished radiology department.
It became apparent to us during the course of our study that trauma can be under resourced when compared with elective care.