elective affinity

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elective affinity,

n part of the body where a homeopathic remedy is most effective. See also disease affinity, organ affinity, and tissue affinity.
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The concluding chapter brings the question back to focus by pointing to many of the ways in which China has yet to demonstrate its elective affinity with the standards of the international and Olympic communities in various areas of comportment, such as the exploitation of athletes, including children and women.
There is, of course, an elective affinity between Spengler's grand narrative of decline and Mann's Betrachtungen eines Unpolitischen, both published the same year, which Besslich traces with great subtlety in Mann's marginal markings (to Spengler's definition of cosmopolitanism as literature Mann responds by noting 'Der Civilisationsliterat' in the margin).
The impetus was an elective affinity between the new public sector management and an econocratic bureaucracy (Pusey 1991), serving governments wedded to minimalism in their provision, in which competition became a policy objective (and then an ultimate value) in order to ensure allocative and productive efficiencies.
Elective affinity is a term for chemical processes coined originally by the Swede Torbern Bergman.
Much feminist work on war, for example, has claimed that there is an elective affinity between women and pacifism.
True enough, but I don't think Wuthnow gives sufficient attention to the qualities of seeker-oriented spirituality that may promote an elective affinity with the shallow, self-gratifying sentiments so clearly on display in the book's middle section.
This includes nations of race, gender, sexual orientation, elective affinity.
For while he is wedded to careful analysis, Schwartz wants finally to demonstrate that the "antipolitical tone of Rousseau's harmonius regime" has an elective affinity with Hegel's "administering away of politics," which in turn is echoed in Marx's and Lenin's scientific socialism in which administration replaces politics.
Blackballing did happen (still does, in clubs), and the principle behind it is the social principle of elective affinity.
Collaboration between Comau and ST is simply an elective affinity, said Alessio Cocchi, Business Unit Robotics Marketing Manager of Comau.
It was one of Goethe's most daring ideas to apply the mechanism of a double elective affinity, which involves four elements, to the four main characters of his novel and thus to transpose the scientific laws of nature into the moving forces which determine human relationships.
Rooted in Durkheim's mimetic conception of ideas, Marx's superstructure metaphor, and Weber's conception of elective affinity, this perspective presumes a duality of, and a determinate relationship between social structure and ideology.