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"Unfortunately, the impact of this can result in a delay for some patients scheduled for elective admission."
Route of admission was comparable between the mortalities of both the groups, with admission from the emergency department being the most common route, followed by elective admission and transfers from other hospitals or transfers from services within hospital, as shown in Table-2.
This revealed the overall 30-day mortality following an acute admission for hip arthroplasty to be 7.3 per cent and for an elective admission, 0.24 per cent.
These changes occurred despite a significant decrease in the emergency to elective admission ratio.
The distribution of elective admission status by medical versus surgical DRG categories is also shown in Figure 1.
The NIS captures age, primary expected payer, billed charges, and an indicator for whether the case was an elective admission.
Health plans need authorization systems that allow them to define types of authorization, including prospective authorizations for elective procedures; concurrent authorizations, usually in the case of urgent treatment, such as same-day elective admission to the hospital; and retrospective authorization.
Table 1: Description of Covariates in the Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Intensive Care Registry Variable Variable Description ICU length of stay Patient length of stay in ICU measured in days Respiratory support Mechanical respiratory support in the first hour given within the first hour of admission(0/1; no/yes) Elective admission Was the admission elective?
Based upon continuous audit, our criteria for elective admission to PICU have evolved over the past several years.
It achieved eight out of nine key targets including access to a GP; access to a primary care professional; drug misuse treatment; the wait for outpatients and for patients' elective admission.
Trust chief executive Chris Heginbotham said: "It is very pleasing to see we came within a whisker of achieving in-patient elective admission figures for our November target.