elastosis perforans serpiginosa

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1. degeneration of elastic tissue.
2. degenerative changes in the dermal connective tissue with increased amounts of elastotic material.
3. any disturbance of the dermal connective tissue.
actinic elastosis premature aging of the skin due to prolonged exposure to sunlight, seen especially in light-skinned persons, characterized by inelasticity, thinning or sometimes thickening, wrinkling, dryness with fine scaling, and variable hyperpigmentation, often with development of cherry angiomas, telangiectasis, senile lentigines, ecchymosis, milia, and senile keratosis. Called also senile or solar elastosis.
nodular elastosis of Favre and Racouchot a type of actinic elastosis seen chiefly in elderly men, in which giant comedones, pilosebaceous cysts, and large folds of furrowed and yellowish skin are seen in the periorbital region; called also nodular elastoidosis.
elastosis perfo´rans serpigino´sa (perforating elastosis) an elastic tissue defect, occurring alone or in association with other disorders, including Down's syndrome and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, in which elastomas are extruded through small keratotic papules in the epidermis; the lesions are usually arranged in arc-shaped, continuous clusters on the sides of the nape, face, or arms.
senile elastosis (solar elastosis) actinic elastosis.
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e·las·to·sis per·'fo·rans ser·pi·gi·no·'sa

circinate groups of asymptomatic keratotic papules; the epidermis is thickened around a central plug of dermal elastic tissue which is extruded through the epidermis.
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e·las·to·sis per·fo·rans ser·pi·gi·no·sa

(ē-las-tōsis perfōr-anz sĕr-pi-ji-nōsă)
Circinate groups of asymptomatic keratotic papules; epidermis thickens around a central plug of dermal elastic tissue extruded through epidermis.
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(e-las?to'sis) [ elasto- + -osis]
Loss of elasticity in the skin.

nodular elastosis

A severe form of elastosis caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Elastotic material accumulates in the skin and forms cysts and comedones around the face. This condition occurs almost exclusively in middle-aged or older adult white men.


Treatment consists of removal of cysts and comedones, followed by nightly application of retinoic acid cream to the area for 6 to 8 weeks. The patient should avoid sun exposure to prevent recurrence.

elastosis perforans serpiginosa

See: perforating disorder
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