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Etymology: Gk, elaunein, to drive + meros, part
a synthetic rubber; any of various soft, elastic, rubberlike polymers used in dentistry as an impression material and for maxillofacial extraoral prostheses. elastomeric, adj.


Surgery A type of silicone used in the outer shell of a breast implant. See Silicone elastomer.


Elastoplastic ring or latex ring used to hold an arch wire in a bracket ring.

elastomer (ēlas´tōmur),

n a soft, rubberlike material; synthetic rubber. A rubber base impression material (e.g., silicone, mercaptan).
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Lehigh produces its line of PolyDyne(TM) and PolyFlow(TM) fine and ultra-fine elastomeric powders from its proprietary process.
Being able to characterize the elastomeric properties of polyether ester has allowed for new insights into the fundamental rheology behavior of this polymer and its spinning properties versus polypropylene, the polymer traditionally used with the melt blown process.
Certain embodiments of the present invention further provide a functional block copolymer defined by the formula [alpha]-[pi]-[theta]-[omega] where [alpha] is a hydrogen atom or a functional group, n is an elastomeric block, [theta] is a thermoplastic block and [omega] is a hydrogen atom or a functional group.
The first thigh panel is made from a first thigh panel member having a second direction of extensibility when force is applied to the multiple component elastomeric first side panel.
Sections on elastomeric technology will investigate current and projected use of wet, melt and solvent spinning and the use of elastic films and nonwovens.
A unitary elastomeric structure is attached to at least one of the front and back waist regions, the elastomeric structure extending completely across the respective waist region and extending beyond lateral sides of the chassis so as to form elastomeric attachment tabs.
Key statement: A method and apparatus is provided for cutting an elastomeric laminate that may include a layer of reinforcement cords, into a desired length without cutting through the cords.
Elastomeric materials are used in a number of diverse industries and applications, such as automotive, construction, wire and cable, chemical processing and consumer durable goods.
Key statement: Transparent and colorable elastomeric compositions are provided.
Tenneco Automotive (NYSE: TEN) has designed and built a lightweight, elastomeric rear suspension system for the DaimlerChrysler ESX3 concept car that will be unveiled today in Washington, D.