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1. The elastic layer in the wall of an artery.
2. Synonym(s): elastic tissue
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Ben Hemming Recorded at The Blues Studios in London's Hackney with fabled producer Mark Waterman (Depeche Mode, Elastica) behind the desk, The Devil Beside Me is a tangible step forward.
Esse fenomeno e visto no movimento dos corpos em queda livre, na configuracao do experimento de conservacao de energia elastica e no lancamento obliquo.
Director Steve Loveridge offers an intimate look at her family life, her formative bond with Elastica frontwoman Justine Frischmann, and her struggle to be taken seriously as the rare Tamil celebrity in Western pop culture.
The Buffy references and Elastica riffs - both in Take Away - are a delight, and there's no lack of melody.
However, elastica can be considered from a variety of the different perspective that enlights a broad range of physical and mathematical studies.
A forca reativa e composta pela forca explosiva elastica e pela forca explosiva elastica reflexa.
Ficus elastica is an important reagent in the cure of dermatological issues and possess both antibacterial and antifungal activities (Ogunwande et al., 2011).