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In the first group they wore the elastic stockings for a year.
Maintenance is essential for all patients with elastic stockings, after total normalization of edema, being a good option.
Thanks are due to Medi[R] Brazil compression for donating the elastic stockings for this research.
Thigh-length versus below-knee compression elastic stockings for prevention of the postthrombotic syndrome in patients with proximalvenous thrombosis: A randomized trial.
Eleven female patients were evaluated in a randomized prospective clinical study that assessed the use of elastic stockings to maintain the results achieved by Mechanical Lymphatic Therapy performed for two hours daily to reduce the swelling of lymphedematous legs.
The post-thrombotic syndrome accounts for approximately one half of advanced chronic insufficiency, and its incidence is related to the severity of the thrombotic event and the quality of the treatment in the acute phase, but also influenced by the behaviors and lifestyle of the patient (physical activity, weight control and compliance to elastic stockings ...).
Charges for elastic stockings and tights, wigs and fabric supports supplied by hospitals will also be increased.
Thank you ELA for making my enforced rest easier to bear, even the loathsome white elastic stockings which one young patient was heard to say "could be a fashion statement".
It wasn't until about fifteen minutes later, after I was in my heavy-duty gown with IV sleeves and elastic stockings that my universe expanded again.
On the day of surgery, she wore elastic stockings (Comprinet[R] pro, BSN Medical, Germany) in the ward.