vital force

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The theory that animal functions are dependent upon a special form of energy or force, the vital force, distinct from the physical forces.
Synonym(s): vis vitae, vis vitalis
[L. vitalis, pertaining to life]

vital force

The organising energy that is responsible for one’s health. Vital force is analogous to chi (qi) of Chinese medicine and prana in ayurvedic medicine, but philosophically differs regarding disease management: whereas Chinese and ayurvedic medicine aim to reverse the forces that result in disharmony, homeopathy regards the vital force as powerful enough to allow the body to shake off the symptoms and pathogenic influences itself.

vital force,

n the bioenergetic aspect of living things. Some assert that qi, acupuncture, and homeopathic remedies work on this level instead of at the gross physical level.
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The writings of Henri Bergson concerning memory, free will, and his concepts of duree and elan vital (Bergson.
This section will propose an alternative Bergsonian examination of Mrs Dalloway's characters in the light of the elan vital and the distinction between closed and open morality as posed in the French writer and philosopher's The Two Sources of Morality and Religion (1932), a work that can retrospectively provide a new insight of politics in Woolfs novel.
He ahi que la perspectiva bergsoniana irrumpe con interesantes matices y contornos de pensamiento: elan vital, impulso creador, la onda de la vida, universo, hombre, naturaleza, intuicion, duracion, libertad, conciencia, Dios, religion, son una muestra de los topicos que salen a la palestra.
Does the apparent inadmissibility of any appeal to such a notion as elan vital render Bergson's philosophy of creative evolution equally irrelevant to the newly invigorated attempts to theorize creativity, innovation, and novelty in contemporary science?
Peacocke does not believe in anything like an elan vital, some special principle of life.
For Blume, nature gives life to art; his works glow with its elan vital.
On March 21, 1972, Neumann sent a cable from Kabul to Washington, saying: "There is an atmosphere here of lassitude, or resignation, as if the elan vital of the government has become exhausted.
For this, one can postulate two reasons: first, poets rarely succeed in foreign translations; and second, though it is the elan vital of Albanian letters, poetry is by no means a mainstream preoccupation in the Western world.
He also detects an awareness of Bergson's elan vital in these two works.
The result both enacts and evidences the reflections on matter, duration, memory, intuition, and the elan vital that Deleuze takes such pains to solicit from the writings of Bergson.
The drummer/fly, however, drowns out the grand organ with his drum, before transmuting into an earthworm, dying, and adding his elan vital to that of Napo for the latter's big conquest.
Call it intensity or obsession, as you wish; Robert Rosenblum's catalogue essay refers to elan vital, or life force, an all-purpose fin-de-siecle notion.