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Vennsa, a Verific customer since its inception, licenses the SystemVerilog and property specification language (PSL) analyzers and elaborators.
Tiempo licenses Verific's SystemVerilog analyzer and static elaborator to serve as the front end to its Asynchronous Circuit Compiler (ACC), synthesis software that generates asynchronous and delay-insensitive circuits from a model written in SystemVerilog.
Verific's software consists of Verilog, SystemVerilog and VHDL parsers, analyzers and elaborators, and a netlist oriented database.
Interra's Analyzers and Elaborators as Front-end for EDA Tools
Verific Design Automation, best known for its Verilog, SystemVerilog and VHDL parsers and elaborators, today said that its Netlist Only Parser is gaining momentum among electronic design automation (EDA) applications, especially from startup and emerging companies.
The instructor plays the role of clarifier, challenger, and elaborator, perhaps modeling for students through the use of outside references to support her claims and by guiding the discussion, in short, participating in a manner that the other students can then emulate.
Cesare Vasoli writes in some detail on the roles of Salviati, the chief elaborator of the Apocalypsis Nova, and one of the chief defenders of Savonarola, while Roberto Rusconi treats interestingly of Pietro Galatino, his voluminous collection of prophetic manuscripts, his self-identification too with the Pastor Angelicus and his pro-Hapsburg orientation.
They include Verilog/VHDL parsers, elaborator, and synthesis engine.
John Preston was a master elaborator of this tale of the heart.
In addition to CVC, Pragmatic C has developed the Vcmp Valid Logic to Verilog net list translator, the first elaborator for the Chronologic VCS simulator, and the digital Verilog simulation engine for the Antrim Design Systems Verilog AMS simulator.