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We're exporting something of our culture," effuses Nancy Light of the Wine Institute, an industry trade group that's divided some $10 million in federal money among California wine groups since the marketing program began.
I'm so excited that ONE is able to shine a light on beach volleyball, and these aspiring and inspiring girls and young women," effuses Erin.
We are curating their responses into a performance that takes the form of a dance party, DJ and all," Valdez effuses.
With your coming, heaven descends upon the earth," effuses one.
The mix and match collections are distinguished by their use of decorative decals, according to Meyer, "which personalizes the patterns and effuses them with the well-known style and point of view of each celebrity.
It was a fantastic experience," effuses Morales, "Guillermo loved how we'd got into the feminine psyche and helped us sharpen the tension.
He's trying to dance less, but he's such an amazing dancer," effuses Arcell Cabuag, who does double duty as a performer and the company's associate artistic director.
Too often students write off college because they think they won't get in, can't afford it, or just don't want to go," effuses the state's education commissioner, David P.
I am going to do everything in my power to be the best and to meet my long-term goal of making the Olympic team," she effuses.
He's the perfect partner,'' effuses ``Scorpion'' co-star Hunt.
That great communist mass that effuses evil, is run by dictators and, given half a chance, should be Tiananmen Squared.
Anthony Lewis, who ended up, in disgust, on the anti-war side, now effuses over Powell without bothering to explain the transition.