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Two stimuli were assigned to the group of stimuli that followed effortful tasks, and the remaining two were assigned to the group that followed less effortful tasks.
Firstly, negative mood could have led learners to recruit a more motivated and effortful processing as part of their mood repair mechanism (Erber & Erber, 1994; Forgas, 2013).
Generally speaking, the tridimensional structure of Rothbart's temperament model is confirmed: positive emotionality or extraversion, negative emotionality and effortful control.
In addition, linear correlations were calculated between the CAMM scores and the scores for the PWI, AF-5 and the EATQ-R effortful control scale.
Measurement models of sleep problems (3 observed indicators), effortful control (3 observed indicators) and academic performance (2 observed indicators) were combined in order to obtain a model with positive degrees of freedom.
This is a logical finding since modulation of two control sites (a cocontraction) is a more effortful task.
It is of course, open to question exactly what kind of 'deliberate and effortful process of thinking, feeling and behaving' is being referred to (because as psychologists/psychotherapists we have all the way from CBT to Mindfulness at our disposal), and whether the word 'feeling' can legitimately be included in such a statement.
Keeping this link of performance-approach goal with mastery goals, it was hypothesized that performance-approach goals will be the predictor of persistent and effortful study behavior.
This style of parenting has been associated with higher levels of effortful control (zhou, Eisenberg, Wang, & Reiser, 2004) and self-regulation (Baumrind & Black, 1967).
Relating Effortful Control, Executive Function, and False Belief Understanding to Emerging Math and Literacy Ability in Kindergarten.
In what seems an effortful reassurance of American hegemony, his argument remains nonpersuasive.