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"They said I would not be qualified to communicate scientific contents to students because they said my voice was effeminate."
David Tennant returns to Stratford as the effeminate Richard II
Utilizing Michael Gold's macho criticism as the framework for his discussion about the clash between the soft, effeminate leisure class and the hard, masculine proletariat, Penner explores both the literary and social transformation of masculinity that occurred mid-century.
''But if she falls ill and her son takes time off work to help around the house, she would never call her son 'effeminate'.''
BEIRUT: Iraqi militias are reportedly killing and torturing Aagay or effeminate men in a climate of impunity and even collusion with the Iraqi security services, a leading international rights group said in Beirut on Monday.Aa
What Saint Thomas means by persevering is when "man does not Forsake a good on account of long endurance or difficulties and toils." An "effeminate man is one who withdraws from good on account of sorrows caused by lack of pleasures, yielding as it were to a weak motion.
Police said the defendant and an unknown accomplice saw the victim and, thinking he looked effeminate, decided to lure him for sex.
Not that he had been either fat or effeminate; it was just that he wasn't a team player.
Other insightful analyses involve the honor of faites (bullies) and the effeminate image of rateros (petty thieves), in addition to the intolerance and abuse of vagrants and lower-class men whom authorities found it convenient to classify as vagrants.
That they should not be effeminate? If so, what then passes for "effeminate"?
The police, he stated, had paid visits to the cafe on numerous occasions, and had found on the premises drunken men, loose women and men of an effeminate kind.
The following year, Wayne Rebhorn's Courtly Performances offered a similar criticism by suggesting that the misogynistic criticisms of certain characters in the dialogues represent Castiglione's concern "about potential attacks on the courtly ideal for being too effeminate" (42).