effector cell

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ef·fec·tor cell

a terminally differentiated leukocyte that performs one or more specific functions.
See also: effector.

effector cell

1 a terminally differentiated leukocyte that performs more than one specific function.
2 a muscle cell or gland cell.

effector cell

A cell that carries out the final response or function of a particular process. The main effector cells of the immune system, for example, are activated lymphocytes and phagocytes—the cells involved in destroying pathogens and removing them from the body.
See: leukocyte
See also: cell


1. a muscle or gland that contracts or secretes, respectively, in direct response to nerve impulses.
2. a molecule that binds to an enzyme with an effect on its catalytic activity, i.e. either an activator or inhibitor.

allosteric effector
one that binds to an enzyme at a site other than the active site.
effector cell
cell in the immune system that mediates an immune function.
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Overall our data demonstrated that weak cytolysis of NK cells was accompanied by unusually low expression of NKG2D on immune effector cells within the hydatid fluid-treated group.
Bluestone's group has found ways to combine the Foxp3 Tregs with drugs to temporarily deplete a large number of effector cells.
effector cells to inflamed tissues have not been studied as extensively as those for the [CD4.
It was discovered that treatment with radiotherapy actually stimulates key anti-tumour immune effector cells, whose activity has been switched off by tumour-related processes.
Foxp3 regulatory T cells, Th17 effector cells, and cytokine environment in inflammatory bowel disease.
In addition, effector cells and APCs may be inhibited by direct contact with Treg cells and the interaction of cell surface proteins.
Four cardinal events during allergic inflammation can be classified as activation of memory/effector T cells and other effector cells such as mast cells, eosinophils and basophils, their organ-selective homing, prolonged survival and reactivation inside the allergic organs and effector functions (8).
The cells also have important roles in regulating cardiovascular function and act as effector cells in immunity, chronic inflammatory disorders, and atherosclerosis--which is the topic of this collection of reports on current research on mast cells.
reg] and effector cells between RA and control groups may be a reflection of the severity of disease studied, as the majority of RA patients studied had only mild-moderate disease.