effective temperature

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ef·fec·tive tem·per·a·ture in·dex

a composite index of environmental comfort which is compared after exposure to different combinations of air temperature, humidity, and movement.
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ef·fec·tive tem·per·a·ture

(e-fek'tiv tem'pĕr-ă-chŭr)
A comfort index or scale that takes into account the temperature of air, its moisture content, and movement.
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The optics feed three instruments: one for astrometry (to determine stars' positions and proper motions across the sky), one for photometry (to measure the stars' colors and effective temperatures), and one for spectroscopy (to measure bright stars' radial velocity toward or away from Earth and to assess their composition).
The excitation functions of effective temperatures obtained by the two distributions are extracted and the relation between the two effective temperatures is studied.
Among the topics are circum-binary components of contact binaries, extremely short-period contact binaries, the first spectroscopic solutions of two southern eclipsing binaries: HO Tel and QY Tel, effective temperatures of selected main-sequence stars with the most accurate parameters, heating of the upper atmosphere of a hot Jupiter for various spectral energy distributions of the host star, and plants and brown dwarfs orbiting evolved binaries.
This example demonstrates how significantly different the sky cooling load can be, and thus the impact on cooling load calculations, with different sky effective temperatures.
To get a better understanding of how the thermal stresses and birefringence are built up, the evolution of the actual and effective temperatures during quenching of PS-PC-PS slab in 25[degrees]C water from the initial temperature of 170[degrees]C was investigated (Fig.
"We aim to push effective temperatures down to 100 pico-Kelvin."
The motion of magnetic and abrasive particles in the current magnetorheological polishing fluid between the surface of polished workpiece and polishing tool is considered as the flow of their mixtures in local equilibrium with the same effective temperatures, depending on the flow rate.
The head scientist assigned to the project, Rob Thompson, stated that they "aim to push effective temperatures down to 100 pico-Kelvin."
Nevertheless, the effective temperatures of both objects at visual maximum are very close to each other.
The EVA was employed to estimate the extreme effective temperatures of bridge deck with a certain return period.
The model we obtained, not claimed to be unique, yields (more massive star first) radii 0.285/a and 0.308/a, effective temperatures 7450 and 4650K, luminosities 88% and 12%, inclination 77[degrees], and mass ratio 0.5.

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