effective temperature

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ef·fec·tive tem·per·a·ture in·dex

a composite index of environmental comfort which is compared after exposure to different combinations of air temperature, humidity, and movement.
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ef·fec·tive tem·per·a·ture

(e-fek'tiv tem'pĕr-ă-chŭr)
A comfort index or scale that takes into account the temperature of air, its moisture content, and movement.
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The maximum loss factor reaches 0.56, and the effective temperature range is widened.
Then we introduced the notion of effective temperature, effective mass, and effective horizon radius considering contributions beyond semiclassical approximation.
Dreyfus assumed that the sky effective temperature is equal to the ambient temperature in the case of extreme cloudy sky conditions.
13 for the skin and core layers was solved by the fourth order Runge-Kutta method [64] to obtain the thermal strain [[epsilon].sub.T], the effective temperature [T.sub.eff], and the shift factor [a.sub.T] for the skin and core layers.
where [T.sub.V] and [T.sub.Soil] are corn canopy temperature and soil effective temperature, respectively.
Therefore, the star's effective temperature is around 8000 K.
[12] concluded that the movements of the expansion joints are highly correlated with the effective temperature based on the long-term monitoring data of expansion joint displacement and bridge temperature.
The researchers find that GJ 504b is about four times more massive than Jupiter and has an effective temperature of about 460 degrees Fahrenheit (237 Celsius).
From the final value of T1, assuming the primary is main-sequence, the mass, effective temperature and spectral type of the primary were derived; then q gave those parameters for the secondary.
Enhanced conduction-corrected modified effective temperature (ETFe) [24] and universal effective temperature (ETU) [25] are thermal environment evaluation indices that examine outdoor space and take solar radiation and heat conduction as environmental factors.

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