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While Palmer, a religious educator, would probably acknowledge that his work is critical in nature, he would probably not situate it in the field or movement of "critical pedagogy.
Just like slide rules and inkwells, accounting educators are becoming a vanishing breed.
Sowing Seeds Humane Education Workshops and the companion workbooks show teachers, activists, and humanity educators how to employ innovative and interactive means to present multi-faceted issues to youth.
Regardless of job title, professional affiliation, work setting, or population served, Health Educators abide by these guidelines when making professional decisions.
Everyday, across our nation, educators report their reasonable suspicions of child abuse to their Child Abuse Hotlines.
CEI is committed to embracing the uniqueness of cyber education and to creating an enduring base of cyber excellence of empowered educators.
What constitutes new generation teacher educator quality and effectiveness?
For example, if the standards are being used reflectively by educators to improve practice, then the openness for interpretation may be advantageous for the educator and he or she can then decide how well and to what degree the standard was met.
The core competencies are a valuable resource for nurse educators and have the potential to transform nursing education by inspiring excellence in nurse educator practice.
For example, a health educator working for a medical supply company may hold programs relating to the company's newest products on the market.
With high-stakes tests, educators spend more time preparing for tests, with consequent detrimental effects on student learning, including decreased graduation rates, increased dropout rates, lower scores on other nationally and internationally comparative tests of learning, and increased student expulsion and retention (Amrein & Berliner, 2002; Clarke et al.
The low tenure rate, reported in the last 5 years, for allied health and nursing educators is often attributed to the faculty members underperformance in the scholarship domain.