educational psychology

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ed·u·ca·tion·al psy·chol·o·gy

the application of psychology to education, especially to problems of teaching and learning.
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Interestingly, the differences in the use of the term "educational psychology" across national contexts may be analogically related to differences in the use of the term "football." If a New Zealander were to visit the U.S.
In this section, I examine how educational psychology and the newer field of educational neuroscience relate to the preparation and practice of teaching.
The field of educational psychology has taught us much about pedagogical practices that are effective versus those that are not (Hattie & Anderman, 2013).
Williams (2001) used the Form S with three groups (total 428) of undergraduate Educational Psychology students and reported that the WGCTA-FS had the strongest overall prediction of test performance when compared to the California Critical Thinking Skills Test (Facione & Facione, 1994) and the Psychological Critical Thinking (Lawson, 1999).
Hansen, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota.
Vassallo (educational psychology, American U.) critically examines "self-regulated learning" (SRL) and neoliberalism in schooling.
Utilizing a hybrid portraiture--instrumental case study design, two researchers selected participants from undergraduate educational psychology courses using simple random selection.
Participants in this study were those who voluntarily elected to participate from among all students enrolled in two sections of an undergraduate educational psychology course at a medium-sized Midwestern state university.
Kranz, Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology, University of Texas Pan American.

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