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capable of being educated; formerly used to describe persons with mild mental retardation (IQ 50–70).


/ed·u·ca·ble/ (ej´u-kah-b'l) capable of being educated; formerly used to refer to persons with mild mental retardation (I.Q. approximately 50–70).


adjective A term referring to a person’s capability of achieving at least a 4th-grade academic level, which is typical of a person with moderate mental retardation (IQ 52–67).


Psychiatry adjective Capable of achieving at least a 4th grade academic level, typical of mild mental retarded–IQ, 52-67. See Challenged, Mental retardation.

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The classroom provisions reported in both 1974 and 1994, included self-contained and resource rooms for the Educable Mentally Retarded (EMR).
Note: AAMR = American Association on Mental Retardation, EMR = educable mentally retarded.
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consciente y educable medicos eficientes a Preservacion de para transformar la toda la poblacion.
En este momento debe cobrar sentido el analisis antropologico con el cual se inicia este documento, porque una pedagogia del Ser debe asumir el caracter evolutivo del hombre, en la medida que esto, como se dijo anteriormente, es lo que ha permitido que el ser humano sea considerado como ser inacabado tanto en lo biologico y en lo cultural, y convirtiendose en un Ser educable como posibilidad del Ser, tal como lo referiria Heidegger.
En tiempos presentes, se hace pensable la formacion humana como horizonte en desafio, donde la multiplicidad de relaciones que establece el sujeto, le implican compromisos fundantes como ser humano en civilidad y socializad, de una era planetaria que lo convoca para avizorar nuevos trayectos en posibilidad de "desarrollo", (11) como sujeto educable y politico.
Parents' mainstreaming modification preferences for children with educable mental handicaps, behavior disorders, and learning disabilities.
A partir de ello propone una cuarta, muy cercana al ideal expuesto como principio etico de la pedagogia: el sujeto educable, que despierta y se proyecta, que suena, anhela, se apasiona, libera y trasciende.
Inner-city high school dropout rates are often 50 percent or higher; black children are disproportionately assigned to the lowest ability groupings and to classes for the educable mentally handicapped; and the rate of black college attendance has stagnated in the past decade.
In the 1950s, I spent several years with the then Charlotte City Schools of North Carolina teaching junior-high-level students who were educable mentally retarded.
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Speakers of Black Vernacular do not make this distinction--and childredn in the Philadelphia school system at one time were actually classed Retarded Educable for failing to do so.