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A line at which a surface terminates.
See also: border, margin.


Etymology: ME, egge
1 a thin side or border.
2 the end of a surface, e.g., the edge of a cliff.


A margin or border.

bevel edge

A tooth edge produced by beveling.

cutting edge

An angled or sharpened edge for cutting, as an incisor tooth or the blade of a knife.

denture edge

The margin or border of a denture.

incisal edge

The sharpened edge of a tooth produced by occlusal wear; the labiolingual margin.


Line at which surface terminates.
See also: border, margin
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Yesterday's opening made clear the problems associated with the location, with the paintings being affected by the heat and wind, but Edgy will persevere and hope to welcome more visitors tomorrow afternoon.
But even if Edgy does become edgy in Lambourn, Julia Scott may not be aware of it in Newmarket.
The upcoming Inside Out Fest will have an edgy feel and feature several documentaries, according to Farrow.
And while there is still a market for edgy films, there's a pretty sizable market for gentle pictures, too.
My initial goal was to build a site that people everywhere would think of as their daily media fix for fun and edgy videos and other stuff.
Tracks like Tribal War and a mash–up of Real Rock Riddim and Armagideon Time were immense, while his edgy classic Cocaine In My Brain had an almost post–punk feel to it.
com) has launched a rock-inspired online retail site that features refined edgy fashions that have rock and roll, punk rock, and goth roots.
By the end of the week, Carla is starting to look decidedly edgy about the whole business.
Daniel Craig's great, he's quite raw, he's edgy, he's cool, he's like a modern Steve McQueen," Contactmusic quoted her as telling Total Film magazine.
That's an edgy professor's way of saying nothing's impossible, of course.
Vivienne Westwood in London, it has the outfits from the catwalk shows - really edgy stuff What are your favourite shops in Huddersfield?