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1. The quality of being strong or powerful.
2. The degree of intensity.
3. The property of materials by which they endure the application of force without yielding or breaking.
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Neurology The amount of force that a person can exert. See Back extensor strength, Ego strength, Hand grip strength Psychology The ability to withstand mental stress.
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1. Ability to exert force against resistance.
2. The degree of intensity.
3. The property of materials by which they endure the application of force without yielding or breaking.
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1. The quality of being powerful.
2. Degree of intensity.
3. The property of materials by which they endure the application of force without yielding.
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Patient discussion about strength

Q. How can one with fibromyalgia build muscle strength? What is the best way to build muscle (core and upper body, especially) when one has fibromyalgia and suffers from 24 to 48 hours of severe spasm and pain in the shoulders and neck whenever any lifting (with arms or of the upper torso against gravity) is done?

A. i found this site VERY useful:
good luck!

Q. Is strength training safe for children? Hi friends, this is my 4th question in this community. Here is my next one: I've always heard that resistance training will ''stunt a child's growth.'' Now, I hear it may be advisable for children to strength train. Is strength training safe for children?

A. well said above. i share the same sentiments.

Q. hey there ... what vitamins should i take and are recommended for the winter time ... to strength my health

A. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) offers some excellent methods to strengthen your immune system to ward off potential colds.

The most commonly used formula is call Yu Ping Feng Wan (Jade Screen Pill), and it available over-the-counter at most Chinese herb shops and through an Acupuncturist or Chinese herbalist.

You can read more about using traditional Chinese medicine for common colds in this article:

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where [[??].sub.i, j] is the updated final G pixel values at W pixel locations in an adaptive way using inversed weights, and [D.sub.x] and [W.sub.x] are edge strength toward x in degrees and inversed weights of x in degrees, respectively.
According to the strength of the local edge, the interpolator switches adaptively between a non-directional static weighting linear interpolator for smooth areas, a one-directional interpolator for sharp edge areas, and multi-directional adaptive weighting interpolator for areas with medium edge strength. Although the actual interpolators are still linear functions, the switching mechanism can attempt to deal with non-linear local structures such as edges and textures.
A sharp, positive insert shape can deliver low cutting forces and good edge strength. That's the strategy that led Sandvik Coromant to developing its new CoroTurn 107 and CoroTurn 111 positive rake inserts.
Despite the slightly higher cutting forces and higher required power with the new 3M-AXKT, the overall forces distribution, cutting edge strength, and cutter rigidity are improved.
Superior edge strength from a variable width land and a widening chip gullet are two prime features of the insert.
CVD-coated grades include TP-C25, a patented plasma-CVD coated grade combining good toughness with outstanding wear resistance; TP-C35, a patented plasma-CVD coated grade ideal for milling any steel, including stainless steels, at low to medium cutting speeds; TN-450, an extremely tough, thermal shock-resistant grade for wet milling steel and nodular cast iron; HK-15M, a wear-resistant grade displaying excellent compressive edge strength for milling all cast irons at high speeds.
Ever since then cutting tool manufacturers have been trying to shift the balance toward a higher positive rake cutting edge, which requires less force to shear metal while maintaining adequate edge strength for long, dependable tool life.
It has good wear resistance and cutting edge strength. It also has high resistance to thermal shock.