edge strength

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edge strength,

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Due to chemical strengthening, the edge strength is four times higher than glasses that are not treated in this way.
The distinct values of Laplacian images are selected by edge strength, and the distinct values of Gaussian images are selected by using histogram distributions.
Features (dimension) Dimension Color feature RGB (3),HSV (3),LAB (3) 9 Edge strength Canny(1), Sobel(1) 2 feature Spatial feature Gaussian energy(1), centroid 3 coordinates(2) Table 2.
of pixels in f or g, E(f, i) and E(g, i) are the edge strength at pixel "i" of images f and g respectively.
This tactical tanto-style knife wit the chisel-ground edge for increased edge strength is the perfect knife when defending your home, neighborhood, or country.
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