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The external genitals.
[G. aidoia, genitals]
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En el caso de la costa atlantica, los servicios de transporte y distribucion de energia electrica que prestaba la Empresa Social de Energia de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (ESEBA) fueron privatizados en 1997: se convirtieron respectivamente, en la Empresa de Transporte de Energia Electrica por Distribucion Troncal de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (TRANSBA S.A.) y en la Empresa Distribuidora de Energia Atlantica (EDEA S.A.).
Larval development sites of mosquitoes were investigated in four districts in Yaounde (Gare, Cite Verte, Brasseries, and Biyemassi), four districts in Douala (Dibom, New Bell, Bonaberi, and Makepe), and three districts in Edea and Bafia.
Subsequent to the Judgement of Foreclosure, EDEA was advised that the property owner, 245 East 117, Inc.
Squall and his mates are drawn into a war between neighbouring countries, started by the evil sorceress Edea. Here are Mega's top ten tips to help you complete Final Fantasy VIII:
Performed by: Edea. Edea's haunting music is an echo of times past, drawing inspiration from the Vikings.
FINLAND Edea Aava (Widths): Having, in previous years, tried reggae and country and western, without noticeable success, Finland have cleverly opted this year for a combination of Enya-like dreaminess and Riverdance folkiness.
La provincia de Buenos Aires vendio en US$304 millones el 90% de su distribuidora de electricidad Edea a un consorcio formado por United Utilities (Gran Bretana), Camuzzi (Italia), Loma Negra (Argentina) y Citicorp Holdings (Argentina).
In March 1991 more then thirty people were killed at demonstrations in Yaounde and Douala; in April 1991 several people were killed in Kumba, Bafoussam, Foumban in the Western Provinces, in Ngaoundere and Garoua in the North, while there was unrest and shootings in Edea in the Centre and at Douala on the Coast.
The aluminium plant commissioned in 1957 at Edea, ESE of Doualla, has greatly increased its output in recent years, production of primary aluminium amounting to 71,500 t, 80,000 t and 87,300 t in 1987, 1988 and 1989 respectively.
The former hard-tackling defender died in his native Edea town located in south-west Cameroon, family sources said.
The Port of Kribi is linked with the city of Edea, facilitating direct connections with landlocked countries like Chad or the Central African Republic, and complementing services offered by the Port of Douala.