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Extreme somatotype, such as ectomorph (longitype) or endomorph (brachytype).
[G. ek, out, + typos, stamp, model]
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by certain counsel, because the ectype ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN
actual physical ectypes, a theory which Reason calls into question.
Die asthetische Idee (Archetypon, Urbild) liegt zu beiden in der Einbildungskraft zum Grunde; die Gestalt aber, welche den Ausdruck derselben ausmacht (Ektypon, Nachbild), wird entweder in ihrer korperlichen Ausdehnung (wie der Gegenstand selbst existiert) oder nach der Art, wie diese sich im Auge malt (nach ihrer Apparenz in einer Flache), gegeben' ['The aesthetic Idea (the archetype or original image) underlies both of these arts in the imagination, but the figure which constitutes its expression (the ectype or copy) is given either in its bodily extension (as the object itself exists) or as it paints itself on the eye (according to its appearance when projected on a flat surface)'] (KU [section]51).