ectopic ureter

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ec·top·ic u·re·ter

opens somewhere other than into the bladder wall, for example, into the neck of bladder.
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A single ectopic ureter draining the renal remnant inserted into the vagina [Fig.
Integrated imaging studies and endoscopic management of purulent vaginal discharge in a 6-year-old: vaginal ectopic ureter associated with ipsilateral dysplastic kidney.
Ectopic ureters are more common in females and present early with incontinence.
Anomalies like ureterocele and ectopic ureter, which affects the upper system, and anomalies like ureteropelvic junction obstruction and vesicoureteral reflux, which affects the lower system, can be encountered in patients with duplex systems [4].
They shared the same symptom: urinary incontinence due to an ectopic ureter in their right kidney.
Keywords: Bladder agenesis, Ectopic ureter, Continent urinary diversion.
Indication: Heminephroureterectomy (HNU) and nephronsparing surgery may be performed for duplication anomalies, such as a nonfunctioning upper pole kidney with an ectopic ureter or ureterocele, cystic malformation of the upper pole kidney, or a nonfunctioning refluxing lower pole kidney.
Maggie was diagnosed with an ectopic ureter using a dye test.
A subsequent intravenous pyelogram and Computed Tomography (CT) scan of the kidney confirmed the presence of a duplicated left collecting system with an upper pole ectopic ureter which entered the vagina instead of the bladder.
Renal ultrasound, for example, detected a left ectopic ureter with a right ureteropelvic junction obstruction in a duplicated system bilaterally.