ectopic hormone secretion

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(se-kre'shon) [L. secretio, separation]
1. The making and release of substances by glands.
2. The substance produced by glandular organs.

apocrine secretion

A secretion in which the apical end of a secreting cell is broken off and its contents extruded, as in the mammary gland.

constituitive secretion

Secretion of substances (typically proteins) from cells, either continuously or independently of cell-to-cell signaling.

eccrine secretion

Secretion of sweat from glands located in the skin, an important means of regulating temperature.

ectopic hormone secretion

Ectopic hormone production.

external secretion

An obsolete term for the secretion of an exocrine gland.

holocrine secretion

A secretion in which the entire cell and its contents are extruded as a part of the secretory product, as in sebaceous glands.

internal secretion

An outdated term for the secretion of an endocrine gland.

merocrine secretion

A secretion in which the product is elaborated within cells and discharged through the cell membrane, the cell itself remaining intact.

paralytic secretion

The continuous abundant watery secretion from a gland after section of its secretory nerves.

regulated secretion

The secretion of substances stored in intracellular vesicles after a cell receives a specific stimulus, either from a circulating hormone or from a nerve.
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ectopic hormone secretion

Hormone production at body sites not normally capable of hormone synthesis. In most cases ectopic hormone production occurs in tumours, many of which produce hormones.
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