ectopic focus

ec·top·ic fo·cus

(ek-top'ik fō'kŭs)
An irritable zone of myocardium capable of initiating ectopic beats or assuming the function of a pacemaker.
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None of these leading theories would explain an ectopic focus of endometriosis within the ischioanal fossa.
In low atrial rhythm, the atrial activation initiates from an ectopic focus rather than the sinoatrial node, and it spreads from below to upwards in the atria.
The second ectopic focus was at subhyoid or suprahyoid level in most cases.
Ventricular premature complexes or ventricular escape rhythm are impulses arising from an ectopic focus in the ventricle and are characterized by normal heart rate but irregular rhythm.
An ectopic focus of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) secretion was suspected from subsequent studies.