ectopic calcification

ec·top·ic cal·ci·fi·ca·tion

(ek-topik kalsi-fi-kāshŭn)
Calcification that occurs at an abnormal site (e.g., pulp stones, salivary calculi).
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TNAP is the target for this drug candidate and this study in healthy volunteers will help us understand whether DS-1211 could be further studied among patients with ectopic calcification diseases, says Michael Jackson, Ph.
Osteopontin (SPP1, OPN) is a multifunctional protein involved in a number of biological processes; chemotaxis, bone remodeling, cell adhesion, inhibition of ectopic calcification, fetal growth and development, cancer metastasis and immune modulatory functions (Schack et al.
Broadly speaking, two major pathophysiological pathways explain the origins of ectopic calcification, namely the unregulated induction of osteogenesis and second, the loss of mineralization inhibition factors.
It selectively binds to hydroxyapatite and directly inhibits the initiation and progression of ectopic calcification.
Instead of many hypothesis and studies, the exact etiology of styloid process and role of ectopic calcification are unknown.
3] An alternative theory is that mechanical injury can cause the osteoblast-containing periosteum to be pushed into the muscle which results in ectopic calcification.
Ectopic calcification in diabetic vascular disease.
Klotho gene damage in experimental mice causes an ectopic calcification, pathological fractures, premature aging (Hu, Shi, Zhang et al.
The SPP2 gene codes for an extracellular matrix protein, secreted phosphoprotein-24 kDa (Spp24), which may play a role in inhibiting ectopic calcification (8), (9).
The serum protein alpha 2-Heremans-Schmid glycoprotein/fetuin-A is a systemically acting inhibitor of ectopic calcification.
Familial TumoralCalcinosis: From Characterization of a Rare Pheno-type to the Pathogenesis of Ectopic Calcification.