ectopia renis

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ec·to·pi·a re·nis

displacement of the kidney.
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(ek-to'pe-a) [Gr. ektopos, displaced + -ia]
Malposition or displacement, esp. congenital, of an organ or structure. Synonym: ectopy

cervical ectopia

The presence of glandular cells (normally found within the cervical canal) on the surface of the cervix. It is a benign condition found in young women, during pregnancy, and in some women taking contraceptive pills.

ectopia cordis

A malposition of the heart in which it lies outside the thoracic cavity.

ectopia lentis

Displacement of the crystalline lens of the eye.

ectopia pupillae congenita

Congenital displacement of the pupil.

ectopia renis

Displacement of the kidney.

ectopia testis

Displacement of the testis.

ectopia vesicae

Displacement, esp. exstrophy, of the bladder.

visceral ectopia

Umbilical hernia.
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