ectopia cordis

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 [ek-to´pe-ah] (L.)
malposition, especially if congenital.
ectopia cor´dis congenital displacement of the heart outside the thoracic cavity.
ectopia len´tis displacement of the crystalline lens of the eye.

ec·to·pi·a cor·'dis

congenital condition in which the heart is exposed on the thoracic wall because of maldevelopment of the sternum and pericardium.

ec·to·pi·a cor·dis

(ek-tō'pē-ă kōr'dis)
Congenital condition in which the heart is exposed on the thoracic wall because of maldevelopment of the sternum and pericardium.
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Embryology, sternal clefts, ectopia cordis, and Cantrell's pentalogy.
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Ectopia cordis (EC), a congenital extrusion of heart through a defect on the anterior chest wall, currently has no known aetiology and most cases are sporadic [1].
Ectopia cordis has been known for 5 000 years, but its etiology and pathogenesis has not been elucidated yet (2, 6-8).
En el caso aqui presentado se propone que la banda amniotica afecto dramaticamente al embrion desde la cuarta semana del desarrollo, en la etapa denominada blastogenesis (28, 29), produciendo el defecto de la pared toraco-abdominal, la ectopia cordis y la evisceracion de otros organos; la exencefalia/acranea, la fisura facial y la reduccion de las extremidades.
Autopsy findings revealed an omphalocele with herniation of the bowel and liver and a midline sternal defect with ectopia cordis. Autopsy features thus confirmed the sonographic features in this second case as well.
Palabras clave: Pectus excavatum, Ectopia cordis , bovino.
The early echocardiogram identified two cases of ectopia cordis, two cases of atrioventricular septal defect, two cases of hypoplastic left heart syndrome, two cases of ventricular septal defect, two cases of left atrial isomerism, two cases of hypoplastic right ventricle, and one case each of double outlet right ventricle and cardiac diverticulum.
Palabras clave: Pentalogia de Cantrell, onfalocele, ectopia cordis.
His mother, Chandra, discovered her unborn baby had ectopia cordis - - his heart was outside his chest - - when she was four months pregnant, according to the Sun-Times.
Ectopia cordis is a rare deformity in which a person's heart is located either partially or completely outside the chest cavity.