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Relating to the ectoderm.
Synonym(s): ectodermic
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(ek'to-derm?) [Gr. ektos, outside, + derma, skin]
The outer layer of cells in an embryo.
Synonym: epiblast See: endoderm; mesodermectodermalectodermic (ek?to-derm'al) (ek?to-derm'ik), adjective
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"Furthermore, I could see that Lourdes water frequencies positively affected the whole body, and specifically ectodermic tissues such as the skin and the nervous system."
Dermoid cysts can be composed of elements descending from all three of the germinal layers, but in ovarian DCs, ectodermic differentiation frequently occurs.
One may assume that this terminal growth zone is a projection of the postlarval gill axis composed of peripheral ectodermic and internal mesodermic cells.

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