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Relating to the ectoderm.
Synonym(s): ectodermic


See ectoderm.


(ek'to-derm?) [Gr. ektos, outside, + derma, skin]
The outer layer of cells in an embryo.
Synonym: epiblast See: endoderm; mesodermectodermalectodermic (ek?to-derm'al) (ek?to-derm'ik), adjective
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Vertebrates have three types of embryonic tissue not present in invertebrates: neural crest cells, ectodermic placodes, and a modified paraxial mesoderm.
In 1953, house HP (3) was the first to describe a cholesteatoma behind a intact membrane, while in 1991 proctor B (4) reported that congenital cholesteatoma originated from the same ectoderm which forms a primitive notochord and that embryonic cell remnants of this ectodermic structure can occur in any cranial bone, It is well accepted that congenital cholesteatoma behave in a more aggressive manner than the acquired form the most common presenting complaint is hearing reduction as the disease progress a patient may present with vertigo, facial nerve palsy or intracranial abscess, early diagnosis decreases the size of congenial cholesteatoma and subsequently decreases the incidence of complications, early detection is possible in a routine audiological or otological screening.
The future oral surface of juvenile has formed from the ectodermic floor of the vestibule and the underlying mesoderm [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURES 8B, C, AND 9E OMITTED].

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