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Relating to the ectoderm.
Synonym(s): ectodermic


Relating to the ectoderm.


(ek'to-derm?) [Gr. ektos, outside, + derma, skin]
The outer layer of cells in an embryo.
Synonym: epiblast See: endoderm; mesodermectodermalectodermic (ek?to-derm'al) (ek?to-derm'ik), adjective
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One can therefore hypothesize that the luminal epithelium of the anterior rudiment could originate from either ectodermally or mesodermally derived tissues, or from a combination of both.
The papilloma is derived from the schneiderian membrane, which is the ectodermally derived mucosa that lines the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses.
The first appearance of SALMFamide-like immunoreactivity in the rudiment of the larvae was in the ectodermally derived lining of the vestibular cavity (Fig.
Myoepithelial cells are ectodermally derived contractile cells that act as smooth muscle cells.
These cells are ectodermally derived and form the prototroch - the larval locomotory organ typical of such spiralians as molluscs and annelids but absent in other spiralians like the nemerteans and flatworms.

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