Pertaining to the vaginal part of the cervix of the uterus lined with stratified squamous epithelium.
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Pertaining to the pars vaginalis of the cervix of uterus that is lined with stratified squamous epithelium.
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The portion of the canal of the uterine cervix that is lined with squamous epithelium.
ectocervical (-sĕr′vĭ-kăl), adjective
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This was demonstrated in early SHP studies of endocervical and ectocervical biopsies.
Final histology showed HPV-related features and CIN1 clear from all margins (endocervical, ectocervical, and deep lateral).
Vaginal purity degree is assessed from vaginal swabs whereas ectocervical and cervical canal smears are subject to cytological screening according to PAP or Bethesda systems (screening test).
The "RNA PAP" technique is like a Pap smear and involves the collection of ectocervical cells through a cytobrush that can be performed in each trimester of pregnancy.
Colposcopic-directed ectocervical biopsies have been found to be safe in pregnancy, and these women should be provided the same care as those who are not pregnant (Obstet Gynecol.
recently reported that VIA is an extremely sensitive method for screening ectocervical lesions (31).
It is important that both the endocervical and ectocervical regions (see Figure 3) are represented in the sample and through the smearing there may actually be a mapping between the source region and the location on the slide.
Recent studies, however, have compared directed biopsy to blind four-quadrant ectocervical biopsies or loop excision procedure as diagnostic criteria [45, 46].
Anderson, "Generation of papillomavirus-immortalized cell lines from normal human ectocervical, endocervical, and vaginal epithelium that maintain expression of tissue-specific differentiation proteins," Biology of Reproduction, vol.
Os seguintes testes foram realizados: preparacao citologica de fluxo vaginal para tricomoniase; bacterioscopia pelo Gram de especimes da vagina e colo do utero para amostras celulares de vaginose bacteriana e gonorreia, respectivamente; citologia ectocervical classificada de acordo com o Protocolo de Bethesda (9).
The recommendations for management of Pap smear abnormalities stipulated that any Pap smear without an endo- or ectocervical component was inadequate and had to be repeated, even when the descriptive diagnosis was 'within normal limits'.