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Relating to or marked by ecstasy.
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We arrived at her lovely barn conversion to the warmest welcome and immediately the children were playing and laughing as if no time had passed, all ecstatically happy.
It is an honour and a privilege to be the head coach of the senior women's national side," says Rocky ecstatically. "I know there is pressure on me to perform but ever since I took up coaching, it has always been a dream.
Connor, director of England women's cricket, described victory for Heather Knight's team over India in front of a 27,000 Lord's sell-out crowd on Sunday as "ecstatically overwhelming".
"But he couldn't resist running through to wake me up and ecstatically inform me Ken had become world champion against all odds.
Instead, it only led Kai to pop the big question, to which Sabrina ecstatically said, "Yes!"
Yusuf Reza Gilani and informed him about the good news and that he was ecstatically delighted as expected and grateful of President Ashraf Ghani's personal attention to his son's safe release.
Each song was ecstatically received and afforded due reverence by an audience which was evidently determined to soak up and savour every drop of this man's soulful blood, sweat and tears.
Kamlesh Dubey ecstatically qsaid, "Being as an independent & full-service digital marketing agency, we are celebrating another year of success with you all." While answering a question Mr.
That follows growth in 2014 estimated at 3.7 percent--good, albeit nothing to celebrate ecstatically.
ON TOUR In Nora Chipaumire's dark swan, dancer/vocalist Tendayi Kuumba sings, jabbers, growls, howls, screeches and moans ecstatically, jumbling up pleasure and pain in the most outrageous way.
And if they are good at leaping into the air ecstatically while also remaining photogenic, that will all help too.