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Relating to or marked by ecstasy.
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On the artistic side the most conspicuous thing in his poetry is the ecstatic aspiration for Beauty and the magnificent embodiment of it.
Much less satisfactory but still fascinating are the longer poems, narrative or philosophical, such as the early 'Alastor,' a vague allegory of a poet's quest for the beautiful through a gorgeous and incoherent succession of romantic wildernesses; the 'Hymn to Intellectual Beauty'; 'Julian and Maddalo,' in which Shelley and Byron (Maddalo) are portrayed; and 'Epipsychidion,' an ecstatic poem on the love which is spiritual sympathy.
Aside from ecstatic delight, these are mostly moods of pensiveness, languor, or romantic sadness, like the one so magically suggested in the 'Ode to a Nightingale,' of Ruth standing lonely and 'in tears amid the alien corn.
This reasoning, however, seemed to end in a paradox, and lead to the further consideration:--"What matter though it be only disease, an abnormal tension of the brain, if when I recall and analyze the moment, it seems to have been one of harmony and beauty in the highest degree--an instant of deepest sensation, overflowing with unbounded joy and rapture, ecstatic devotion, and completest life?
For the rest, he thought the dialectical part of his argument of little worth; he saw only too clearly that the result of these ecstatic moments was stupefaction, mental darkness, idiocy.
Nothing could stem the flood of my ecstatic aspirations.
Ecstatic client of forward-thinking advisor hearing of a program that will significantly reduce their health care spend.
It happens so quickly, you get caught up in the moment and you know you'll never forget hitting the winning runs and looking up at the dressing room to see your mates happy and ecstatic, and to help that happen is a great feeling "It's really exciting and once you have a taste for it you want it again.
Welcome to Eugene Community Ecstatic Dance, a free-form dance session intended to be without boundaries and without judgment.
We are not absolutely ecstatic about finishing in fourth and we need to improve upon that.
The Ecstatic Poetic Tradition: A Critical Study From the Ancients Through Rumi, Wordsworth, Whitman, Dickinson and Tagore
Professional cyclist Dan Craven was ecstatic after completing his first Vuelta a Espana last weekend.