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the management of money or domestic affairs.
token economy a program of treatment in behavior therapy, usually conducted in a hospital setting, in which the patient may earn tokens by engaging in appropriate personal and social behavior, or lose tokens by inappropriate or antisocial behavior; tokens may be exchanged for tangible rewards (such as food snacks or clothing) or for special privileges (such as watching television or passes to leave the hospital).
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System; the body regarded as an aggregate of functioning organs.
[G. oikonomia, management of the house, fr. oikos, house, + nomos, usage, law]
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The bundling of economics with finance can be also blamed for this disinterest by students, despite the former being classified as a social science and the latter as a business one.
Director of Economics Impact Consulting Europe and Middle East Oxford Economic Pete Collings Attache at the Economics of the Illicit Tobacco Trade in Malaysia media roundtable in Kuala Lumpur June 20, 2019.
The College Principal Prof Rana Mohammad Hafiz Khan said that after rationalization of the staff in the college, the Economics department was left with a very scarce number of teachers.
Brilliantly accessible, Economics in Two Lessons unlocks the essential issues at the heart of any economic question.
According to them, economics is entangled throughout with values and thus the so-called welfare economics, a branch carrying 'an ineradicable taint of values' (Putnam and Walsh 2009, p.
Yasin also talked about the need of establishing a Centre of Excellence for Islamic economics, stating that the subject had all the potential to offer solutions for contemporary economic problems.
Oeindrila Dube, University of Chicago (Development Economics)
In this way, Home Economics education is geared towards Sustainable Development (SD) as it influences the values, attitudes and behaviours of students through a community development approach.
SNU's department of economics has been criticized for having only male teaching faculty.
"Alam mo kung ano na nung Presidente ako, saan ako nagbasa talaga ng economics? [Do you know where I learned economics when I became President?] It's a very easy reading and if you happen to buy one, buy it for your children.
Economics indeed cited other disciplines little in the 1970s and 1980s.
A special session contributed to the program was one on teaching a course in sport economics. Different people discussed the themes that are part of such a course in Australia, Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the US.

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