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the management of money or domestic affairs.
token economy a program of treatment in behavior therapy, usually conducted in a hospital setting, in which the patient may earn tokens by engaging in appropriate personal and social behavior, or lose tokens by inappropriate or antisocial behavior; tokens may be exchanged for tangible rewards (such as food snacks or clothing) or for special privileges (such as watching television or passes to leave the hospital).
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System; the body regarded as an aggregate of functioning organs.
[G. oikonomia, management of the house, fr. oikos, house, + nomos, usage, law]
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The move is intended to support Economical Insurance's Vyne initiative.
Earlier, Gulshat Asylbayeva suggested to recognize government's job satisfactory since it has completed its economical obligations.
Widely known for launching the world's most economical feature-phone, Detel recently pledged to transform the television viewing experience in the country.
The Ivorian government encourages licensed real estate developers to build social and economical houses, with the exemption of import tariffs for materials and construction materials.
Founded in 1871, Economical Insurance is one of Canada's leading property and casualty insurers.
WITH petrol prices on the rise and the pressure to go green, car buyers are turning to smaller, more economical cars.
The most important thing of all is to buy an economical car.
Auto Business News-May 24, 2011--Jaguar XJ receives 'Most Surprisingly Economical' award(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing -
But be careful - the older, cheaper-to-buy cars are not as economical. Petrol models burn more fuel than diesels but diesels can cost more to repair.
Furthermore the Minister of Education, University and Research implements the "Sport Student Championship Games" every year and gives economical special resource to do teaching in extra time school by the teachers of physical education.
Well, as long as you go for the most economical versions, you can if you buy either the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic or the Ford Focus ECOnetic.

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