ecology of mind

ecology of mind,

n a phrase coined by anthropologist Gregory Bateson to describe culture as a mutually interdependent world wherein individual relationships shape socially shared meanings while these collective meanings simultaneously inform the individuals' understandings of their actions.
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IN HIS SEMINAL WORK Steps to an Ecology of Mind, anthropologist, social scientist, and cyberneticist Gregory Bateson (1972) laid the groundwork for a new and broader understanding of mental process and in years to come would urge us all to learn to think as Nature thinks.
In a way, it is a McLuhanesque operationalization of Bateson's notion of the ecology of mind.
Gregory Bateson's Steps to an Ecology of Mind is an obvious forerunner of the notion of mental ecology.
Postman (1976) says he is influenced by Bateson and recommends Bateson's Steps to An Ecology of Mind, as "well-written and brilliant but strange" (Postman, 1976, p.
9) In his book Ecology of Mind, Bateson asserted, "The total self-corrective unit which processes information, or as I say, 'thinks' and 'acts' and 'decides,' is a system whose boundaries do not at all coincide with the boundaries either of the body or of what is popularly called the 'self' or 'consciousness.
Students of biology, science, science history, or organizational theory will delight in discovering this influential thinker, and An Ecology of Mind is a great introduction.
No press previews An Ecology of Mind (PG) Film portrait of anthropologist, philosopher, author, naturalist, systems theorist and filmmaker, Gregory Bateson.
2 How to develop the learning dynamics in coherence to the Ecology of Mind in our contemporary conditions?
An Ecology of Mind is the award-winning documentary of Gregory Bateson's life, as constructed by his youngest daughter, Nora Bateson.
Today, it is a crucial part of the ecology of mind to pursue an inapplicable and inexplicable art like the painting of touch and sensibility--whether abstract or representational.
Or, to quote the title of Bateson's own journey, they would be taking their first Steps to an Ecology of Mind (2)
Strongly opposing those scientists who attempted to reduce everything to mere 'matter', he was intent upon reintroducing 'mind' back into the scientific equation and wrote two famous books, Steps to an Ecology of Mind and Mind and Nature, as part of this task.