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(e-kol'o-je) [Gr. oikos, house + -logy]
The science of the relationship of organisms to their environment, including the interactions among organisms. ecologicecological (e?ko-loj'ik, i-kal), adjective See: food chain

ecology of human performance

Abbreviation: EHP
A conceptual framework for occupational therapy practice aimed at improving task performance by considering the person's skills and experiences, the context of the situation in which a task is performed, and the nature of the task. Interventions include altering the context of task performance to make it more supportive or a better match for the person's skills and remediating a person's skill deficits, among others.


emanating from or pertaining to ecology.

ecological biome
see biome.
ecological climax
the state of balance in an ecosystem when its inhabitants have established their permanent relationships with each other.
ecological fallacy
bias following misinterpretation that ecological factors affect all individuals equally.
ecological imbalance
the naturally occurring changes in the environment, e.g. bushfires, floods, volcanic fallout, which leave it unbalanced with respect to the type and quality of the feed they provide.
ecological interface
the border between two ecosystems.
ecological mosaic
a pattern of interspersed ecosystems.
ecological niche
1. the position occupied by an organism in relation to other organisms and to the environment.
2. a particular part of an ecological environment in which a particular plant or animal species prospers. It is the set of terms, in relation to food and water supply and relationship with predators and disease and with competitors, by which the organism achieves its full biological potential.
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Information at the purpose-related functions level of abstraction has not usually been included in the PID interfaces used in studies of ecological interface design.
Once the sensors were placed on the Pasteurizer II sensor AH, whether in the minimally or maximally adequate sensor configuration, the sensor AH indicated the information to be collected and the derivations to be performed in order to build the ecological interface.
max participants made greater use (14 mentions) of the configural displays included in the ecological interface than did EID.
Overall, the ecological interface combined more- and less-successful properties (see Reising & Sanderson, 2002a, for further details).
Similarly, the Rankine cycle display has been adapted in Burns's (2000a, 2000b) design of an ecological interface for a conventional power plant.
In trying to move design--and ecological interface design in particular--from art to engineering practice, we are trying to reduce the amount of sheer invention involved in favor of either adapting proven existing designs or even borrowing proven existing designs from a compendium of solutions.
Not all variables will be shown on the eventual mimic display in the ecological interface, however; many are reserved for other configural displays within the ecological interface.
We have provided most details for the energy display because it was pivotal to the ecological interface and because its development entrained the structure and detail of the other displays.
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The displays cited by Maddox do present information at multiple levels of abstraction, but because they were not based on an abstraction hierarchy analysis, they are not ecological interfaces.