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Eyelids and lips were everted showing ectropion and eclabion, respectively.
This condition can be diagnosed antenatally by scanning with the following features: polyhydramnios (seen in this case), echogenic amniotic fluid, fetal growth restriction, eyes closed with eversion of the eyelids and lips (ectropion and eclabion, respectively), flat nose, mouth wide open, ears not well formed, flexion of extremities, mottled, breeched skin of the face and limbs, hyperflexion of fingers and toes, absence of opening movements of fingers (1).
Modalities of Antenatal Management: A 2D USG showing polyhydramnios, fixed flexion of the extremities, short digits, a flat nose, bilateral clubfeet, clenched hands, a short neck, a flat face profile, thick lips, eclabion, open eyes, ectropion, a constantly open mouth, micrognathia, hypoplasia of the ears, choroid plexus cysts, & a short umbilical cord are suggestive of HI & whenever possible a 3D or 4D USG should be followed.