echo pattern

echo pattern,

n a pattern of recurring illness resulting from unresolved imbalances in the patient's diet, energy, and stress levels.
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Echo pattern.
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Ultrasonography usually demonstrates a solid circumscribed tumor, although a variable and mixed echo pattern can be expected, sometimes with more distal acoustic attenuation as a result of fat tissue and other types of tissue in tumor.
USG criteria for nerve identification were based on analysis of their echo pattern as well as on detection of anatomic landmarks.
Endoscopic ultrasonography indicated that the lesion originated from the muscularis propria of the esophagus, and exhibited an oval hypoechoic shadowing mass with a clear boundary and homogenous echo pattern.
Sonographic features suggestive of malignancy included entirely solid nodule with no cystic elements, marked hypoechogenicity to normal thyroid echo pattern, irregular or microlobulated borders, thick peripheral hypoechoic halos, micro-calcifications and intranodular vascularity.
Mc-Nemar and Pearson chi square test was performed for paired and unpaired samples, respectively to see the difference in frequencies of endometrial echo pattern and menstrual pattern in pre-operative and post-operative patients as well as to see the difference in pregnancy rates in the two groups.
6 cm) with heterogeneous echo pattern, normal hepato-biliary system and spleen.
The other end of the transducer was connected to the CRO by Bayonet Neill Concelman (BNC) cable and Pulse Echo pattern was observed on the screen.
The sonographic appearance of polyorchidism is a scrotal mass that has an echo pattern identical to that of the ipsilateral testicle.
4) Ultrasonography frequently demonstrates a marked increase in the size of the gland and a coarse echo pattern.
An oscilloscope display of the echo pattern, known as an A-Scan, shows defects as areas of higher contrast in the image.
Gibson Everyday line is the first Echo pattern, Camden Cottage, a casual design featuring fruit motifs in blue and white on a yellow background.
DISCUSSION: Our aim of study was to know how reliable ultrasound features like border, echo pattern, internal composition and vascularity for characterization of salivary gland tumors.