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Prickly or spinous. Covered with small spines.
Synonym(s): echinate
[Mod. L. echinulus, dim. of L. echinus, hedgehog]
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3: Lucida drawings of Puccinia chrysanthemi (A) Urediniospores showing germ pores and echinulate ornamentation (B) Teliospores.
Urediniospores subgloboid, obovoid or ellipsoid, hyaline to pale yellow, (15-) 17-23 x (18-) 20-24 um; wall 1-1.5 um thick, echinulate; germ pores obscure, upto 4 in number, equatorial.
4: Lucida drawings of Puccinia nitidula (A) Urediniospores showing echinulate ornamentation and germ pores (B) Teliospores showing apical germ pore in distal cell and at the septum or near the pedicel in proximal cell.
5: Lucida drawings of Puccinia sibirica (A) Urediniospores showing echinulate ornamentation (B) Teliospores showing verrucose ornamentation.
Urediniospores globose to subglobose or ellipsoid, cinnamon brown, 17-22 x 20-24 um; wall 1-1.2 um, echinulate; germ pores 3 or 4, obscure, equatorial.
6: Scanning electron micrographs of Puccinia sibirica (A) Urediniospore showing echinulate ornamentation (B) Teliospores showing verrucose ornamentation
Urediniospores globoid to ovoid, hyaline to light brown, 14-20 x (16-) 18-22 um; wall upto 1 um thick, hyaline, echinulate; germ pores obscure, 2-5, scattered or tending to be equatorial; paraphyses scanty, clavate to cylindrical, hyaline, mostly at the periphery.
Urediniospores globose to sub-globose or ellipsoid, cinnamon brown, lumen tending to be stellate, 21-27 x 25-33 um (mean 24.2 x 28.8 um); wall minutely and finely echinulate, 2.3-3.1 um; germ pores up to 5, tending to be equatorial, obscure.