eccrine spiradenoma

ec·crine spi·rad·e·no·ma

a typically painful benign skin tumor composed of two cell types derived from the secretory part of eccrine sweat glands.
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Other entities to be considered in the differential diagnosis include: inclusion cysts, giant cell tumor, foreign body reaction, eccrine spiradenoma, osteoma cutis, trichilemmal cyst, hydrocystoma, basal cell carcinoma, calcification in lymph node, fat necrosis, pyogenic granuloma, lymphadenopathy, fibroxanthoma, chalazion and keratoacanthoma.1
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Besides, the adnexa of the skin also give rise to appendage tumours like eccrine spiradenoma and chondroid syringoma.
On the basis of pathologic findings, the differential diagnoses include eccrine adenocarcinoma not otherwise specified (NOS), porocarcinoma, apocrine carcinoma, malignant chondroid syringoma, and eccrine spiradenoma. The tumor in our patient would have been classified as an eccrine adenocarcinoma NOS if the benign eccrine acrospiroma component had not been present.
Eccrine spiradenoma is now known as a benign sweat gland tumor that commonly affects young adults.
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