1. A cartilaginous neoplasm arising as an overgrowth from normally situated cartilage, as a mass protruding from the articular surface of a bone, in contrast to enchondroma.
2. An enchondroma which has burst through the shaft of a bone and become pedunculated.
Synonym(s): ecchondrosis
[G. ek, from, + chondros, cartilage, + -oma, tumor]

ecchondroma, ecchondrosis

a hyperplastic growth of cartilaginous tissue on the surface of a cartilage or projecting under the periosteum of a bone.
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2 The tumour forming remnants of notochord called ecchondrosis physaliphora are found in clivus and nucleus pulposus, but ectopic remnants have also been documented in the literature.
Uber die Ecchondrosis physaliforasphenooccipitalis.