1. A cartilaginous neoplasm arising as an overgrowth from normally situated cartilage, as a mass protruding from the articular surface of a bone, in contrast to enchondroma.
2. An enchondroma which has burst through the shaft of a bone and become pedunculated.
Synonym(s): ecchondrosis
[G. ek, from, + chondros, cartilage, + -oma, tumor]
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Notochord persists only as the nucleus pulposus of the intervertebral discs and degenerates where it is surrounded by vertebral bodies.2 The tumour forming remnants of notochord called ecchondrosis physaliphora are found in clivus and nucleus pulposus, but ectopic remnants have also been documented in the literature.4,8
Uber die Ecchondrosis physaliforasphenooccipitalis.