eccentric relationship

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ec·cen·tric re·la·tion·ship

(ek-sen'trik rē-lā'shŭn-ship)
Any maxillary-mandibular relationship that is not centric.
Synonym(s): acentric relation, eccentric position.
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This is due to the fact that the natural circulation of the molten phase creates an unmelted or solid phase front as an eccentric zone around the molten phase in addition to its eccentric position with respect to outer cylinder.
Before the boys started eccentric viewing training, their reading speeds and font sizes were determined without any instruction in moving their eyes to an eccentric position but allowing them to fixate the image to be seen as they would normally.
I want to bring to mind the spatial and dynamic meanings of each term, the sense of each writer's peripheral and eccentric position on the borders of multiple literary circles and cultural institutions and the possibility such positioning provides for various unpopular, uncompromising, resistant or radical literary commitments, styles, and movements.