eccentric fixation

ec·cen·tric fix·a·tion

a monocular condition in which the line of sight connects the object and an extrafoveal retinal area.
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Bilateral eccentric fixation with no ocular deviation in a case of heredo-macular degeneration.
With the capability to correct for unstable or eccentric fixation, a measure of sensitivity at any predetermined retinal location can be obtained.
Estimation of eccentric fixation and eccentric viewing training, as well as fixation stability, are also offered by current instrumentation.
A study by Zeevi, Peli, and Stark (1979) suggested that eccentric fixation within the near periphery, plus or minus 8 degrees, can be achieved within a short period of time (10-40 seconds), even in individuals who are new to the task.
Reading with eccentric fixation is faster in inferior visual field than in left visual field.
Does the patient consistently fixate centrally or shift to eccentric fixation when viewing larger images?
2) Patients need to be highly motivated with a clearly defined PRL for eccentric fixation.
Indeed, some cases do not have any movement on cover testing: the angle of deviation is the same as the angle of eccentric fixation.
Of these 188, 149 (79%) had a PRL on SLO testing (called PRL), and 125 (66%) had evidence of an eccentric fixation locus on face field testing, called ffPL (face field preferred locus); that is, they reported a localized area of blurting or loss of detail with respect to their fixation on the nose.
We hypothesize that the patient shifted to eccentric fixation when the letter size got too large to be accommodated in the small central spared region.
The extent to which an eccentric fixation point develops these characteristics determines whether the anomalous situation is eccentric fixation or viewing.
Fascinated by physics, optics, John Donne's poetry, and symbolic systems of representation, Wayne began creating prints and tapestries that were as striking for their eccentric fixations as they were for their beauty and scientific precision.