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Emory Angioplasty versus Surgery Trial. A trial comparing long-term outcomes of patients with multivessel coronary disease undergoing revascularization with PTCA to CABG
Conclusion No significant difference in mortality between CABG and PTCA as primary therapy for multivessel disease; PTCA had a greater need for repeat revascularization
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2006 is projected to be a high growth period for compliance management solution providers and we believe Axentis will utilize its competitive advantages to grow rapidly from both a top line and operating leverage viewpoint, by delivering the industry's only on-demand offering that addresses all areas of concern to its end-users," said David Alpert, Managing Director of Eastward Capital.
Only recently have geologists begun to map the eastward movement of the California coast, relying mostly on old sea charts and century-old photographs.
Combined, they give the atmosphere a net eastward momentum.
The winds are expected to blow the men eastward at speeds of up to 200 mph, but they will have little control over their route.
The model also predicts that the northern and southern tips of the continent should curve eastward, as they do in South America.
With so many law firms migrating eastward, a group like Encore is needed now more than ever," offered Matthew Klein, President of Akridge.
The fire moved eastward toward homes on Laguna Way and homeowners swept debris off their wood-shingle roofs, then wetted them down with garden hoses.
The planet's strongest eastward winds, which blow at 1,700 km per hour, according to Voyager spacecraft measurements from the early 1980s, lie at the same latitude as the arrowhead.
The results in the initial three holes received to date suggest the presence and extension of the O'Brien gold structure for a strike length of at least 700 meters eastward from section "36 East" and a vertical planar exposure of 1300 metres.
An El Nino condition occurs when westward-blowing trade winds weaken, allowing a mass of warm water normally located off Australia to drive eastward to western South America.
An El Nino begins when ocean warmth and thunderstorms normally found in the western Pacific spread eastward along the equator.
Also In November and December, CyberBrew Net Cafes are set to expand to Mesa, Chandler and Goodyear, all in Arizona, as the Company begins its journey eastward across the U.