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Emory Angioplasty versus Surgery Trial. A trial comparing long-term outcomes of patients with multivessel coronary disease undergoing revascularization with PTCA to CABG
Conclusion No significant difference in mortality between CABG and PTCA as primary therapy for multivessel disease; PTCA had a greater need for repeat revascularization
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"Cyprus is called on today to play the same role, as the easternmost bastion of West -- European culture, towards extreme fundamentalism and instability threatening the critical region of the Eastern Mediterranean."
Residents of a village in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua on Monday handed over more than 9,000 bone fragments of Japanese soldiers, who were killed in the western part of New Guinea island during World War II, to their family representatives.
The first Cuban biofuel plant was opened in the easternmost province of Guantanamo, with a production capacity of one hundred tons of fuel annually.
The duo is listed as NGC 884 (the easternmost clump) and NGC 869.
Some of the 3,000 homes are to be built in a corridor of land called E1, an area of the occupied West Bank that runs between the easternmost edge of annexed east Jerusalem and an existing Israeli settlement, Mleh Adumim.
Ak Beshim appeared in V-VI centuries as one of the easternmost settlement of Sogdian merchants on the Silk Road.
The weather is to remain windy for most of the day, especially in Northern Bulgaria and the country's easternmost regions, where the winds will reach velocities of between 18 and 23 meters per second.
The 400-year-old Portuguese Fort, imposingly situated on a promontory on the easternmost tip of the island, and Fortim do Mar or Pani Kota, a ship-like mini fort sits in the middle of the narrow channel that connects the Diu harbour to the sea.
The European Investment Bank agreed, on 23 November, to provide GBP150 million of long-term funding to Vattenfall for the Thanet offshore wind farm, located 12 kms off Foreness Point, the Easternmost part of Kent in the UK.
Specimens from Crockett, Reagan, and Val Verde counties (Goetze, 1995) represent easternmost records of the species and the only records from the Edwards Plateau.
Embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia, leaders in Papua, Indonesia's easternmost provinces, often spontaneously recite family stories of Americans during WWII or raise WWII events when recalling Indonesia-U.S.
5 when he did the same at Cape Spear, Nfld., the easternmost point in North America.