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Size or extent.
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The large earthquake magnitude found by strain energy release to be M3= 8.17 (Fig.
Figure 4 illustrates the different concepts between the earthquake magnitude and seismic intensity level.
As the earthquake magnitude increases, the mean flow rates decrease due to water loss caused by leaks and breaks.
The logarithm of the P wave displacement parameter shows a striking linear correlation with earthquake magnitude within the magnitude range considered (4 [less than or equal to] [M.sub.s] [less than or equal to] 6.5).
According to new research, the New Madrid fault line, which has been more active in recent years, has a greater range of potential earthquake magnitude than previously imagined.
Dr Achilleas Samaras, from the University of Bologna in Italy, said: "Although the simulated earthquake-induced tsunamis are not small, there has been a recorded history of significantly larger events, in terms of earthquake magnitude and main shock areas, taking place in the region."
With new research on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a fault that runs from Northern Vancouver Island to Cape Mendocino, Calif., earthquake magnitude estimates were increased to 9.3.
There is a close observed relationship between soft-sediment deformation structures and the earthquake magnitude [7, 9, 12, 57-59].
Chubu Electric Power Co.acted at a special board meeting after Prime Minister Naoto Kan requested the temporary shutdown at the Hamaoka plant amid concerns an earthquake magnitude 8.0 or higher could strike the central Japanese region sometime within 30 years.
The activist group claims that Japanese events demonstrate "how wrong industry and government assumptions can be about potential earthquake magnitude and nuclear plant structural integrity" and also "the moral, environmental and economic folly of considering another 20 years operating this aging reactor with vulnerable radioactive waste sitting in an earthquake zone."
THE CHRISTCHURCH EARTHQUAKE Death toll: 166 (as of yesterday) Predicted final death toll: 200+ Earthquake magnitude: 6.3 on the Richter scale Earthquake epicentre: 10km south-east of Christchurch Time: 11.51pm GMT, February 22, 2011 Christchurch population: 350,000 Number of residents evacuated: 70,000 National State of Emergency: Extends until midnight March 7 Buildings irreparably damaged: One third People reported still missing: 200+ Economic impact: Estimated at $10bn, on top of $5bn damage caused by an earthquake to the west of Christchurch on September 3 Economic growth: Will drop from 3.5% to 2% in 2011

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